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Criw Cymraeg


At Ynysddu Primary School we are working hard on developing our Welsh skills. Our Criw Cymraeg are making sure that children and teachers are speaking as much Welsh as possible at all times. As part of this, a new initiative has been set up and the children have been intorudcted to 'Gareth & Shirley' our Welsh dragons. A child in each phase of the school will be chosen to take these dragons home and keep a diary of what they have been up to. All we ask is that the children try their best to use as much Welsh as they can where possible. The front sheet has some guidance as to what language patterns they could possibly use in their diary entries. Diaries and dragons will be given out in assembly on Fridays with the expectation of them both being returned the following Monday.   



The Cymraeg Campus Language Charter has been created by ERW Welsh in Education officers and is the first charter specifically created to develop Welsh in English medium schools. Cymraeg Campus has been piloted in 25 schools across our consortium with significant impact. The charter consists of three awards - bronze, silver and gold. Schools attempt to complete these awards over a three year period - one yeach year. Each award comprises of ten targets and these targets become more challenging as you progress from efydd - to arian - to aur.


Below is our school display to remind everyone of our Welsh targets...


Our members of Criw Cymraeg are...


Cymraeg Campus Bronze Status - We are extremely pleased that all our hard work has been recognised and we are now a bronze status school for our Welsh Work! Diolch yn fawr pawb a daa iawn i'r Criw Cymraeg! Onward to Silver!


To find out more about Welsh language in schools, help yourselves learn Welsh or play Welsh games; follow the links below for helpful resources.



Related image Handbook - Cymraeg Campus.pdf


Links to help promote learning Welsh


-https://www.learn-welsh.net/ - Learn Welsh and Welsh games

-https://www.theschoolrun.com/welsh-teaching-in-primary-schools - Welsh language in schools

-http://www.bbc.co.uk/wales/learning/primary/ - Learn Welsh and Welsh games 

-https://www.meithrin.cymru/games/ - Welsh games (Foundation Phase)