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Learning Spies


At Ynysddu Primary School we are always keen to improve. We love listening to students and seeing what they've been up to. We have allocated a very important job to a selected number of students to see what it going on around the school.


Why have learning spies?  Well, we all complete a questionnaire to let our teachers know how we feel about things like school, learning and ourselves.  Our teachers then look at this and decided on who will join the learning spies to try and improve our experiences in school and raise our confidence as learners.  This is what it looks like…

Our new curriculum wants us to be ambitious, capable, healthy and confident.  We need to find out what will help in developing these skills in school and how we can be more in charge of our own learning. The learning spies then observed children in the classroom and designed a posted to help children who might be a little stuck with their work.


We chose our Learning spies by looking at their data from their PASS scores. We hope that they can use their excellent knowledge and understanding to help others.



Our first job was to figure out how we could help children who get a little bit stuck. So, we came up with this...

Stop – don’t panic


      Think – what do you need to do (SS or WILF)


Use resources, displays, your previous learning


Class experts are there to help you


Know when it’s time to ask an adult for help



Our focus this year is to find out how children use their feedback to improve their work.



We visited all the classes with these targets in mind and this is what we found out...



Ok, so what next?  Based on our questions, observations and discussions with Mr Witchell and the teachers, we now want to improve our marking codes and marking policy so that we get the most out of our reflection time and use it to improve our learning.


We did the PASS survey again and look how amazing our results are...


This is only the beginning. With the help of our teachers and our friends, we will keep on learning how to learn.