Ynysddu Primary School Logo
 Phone : (01495) 200223

 Address : Ynysddu Primary School, High Street, Ynysddu, NP11 7JH
  • Management

    Mr D Witchell
    Responsible for Child Protection and LAC
  • Mrs C Davies
    Deputy Headteacher
    Responsible for Languages, Literacy and Communication and the Wider Curriculum
  • Teachers

    Mrs L Lamberti
    Class 1 Teacher
    Responsible for the Foundation Phase and Humanities
  • Mrs A Griffiths
    Class 2 Teacher / ALNCO
    Responsible for MAT
  • Mrs F Pickett
    Class 3 Teacher
    Responsible for Science & Technology and School Council
  • Ms H Jardine
    Class 4 Teacher
    Responsible for Health & Well Being and Healthy Schools
  • Mr M Bentley
    Class 5 Teacher
    Responsible for Expressive Arts and Mathematics and Numeracy
  • Ms S Jones
    PPA Cover Teacher/Teaching Assistant
    Responsible for Eco Schools
  • Teaching Assistants

    Miss S Williams
    Teaching Assistant
  • Mrs L Bennett
    Teaching Assistant
  • Mrs A Hillman
    Teaching Assistant
  • Mrs D Wallace
    Teaching Assistant
  • Mrs J Thomas
    Teaching Assistant
  • Mrs A Baker
    Teaching Assistant
  • Other Staff

    Mrs L Murphy
    School Secretary
  • Mrs M Walker
    Mid-day Supervisor
  • Mrs D Williams
    Mid-day Supervisor
  • Miss S Bryant
    Mid-day Supervisor
  • Mr R Winnell
  • Mrs C Whitaker
    School Cook
  • Mrs S Lewis
    Kitchen Assistant